benefits of lemon water

Benefits of lemon water. Here are 10 reasons to drink it.

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Benefits of lemon water. Here are 10 reasons to drink it:

benefits of lemon water
Lemon water

Plenty of people start their day with a glass of warm lemon water. Even celebrities don’t start their day without drinking a glass of lemon water. Here in this article, we will discuss “Benefits of lemon water”.

In spite of great taste lemon water also have some health benefits to the human body, today we will take a closer look to the benefits of considering lemon water in your diet, but before that let’s just check the Nutritional values of lemon water in one glass.

Nutritional values of lemon water:

Lemon water contains very low fats, it is a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium.

The Nutritional value of lemon water are discussed as follows:



Calories 29
Vitamin C 112 mg
Carbs 9.3 g
Protein 1.1 g
Sugar 2.5 g
Fat 0.3 g
Fibre 2.8 g
Trans fat ~


Health benefits of lemon water:

As we had seen the nutritional value of lemon water we can see that the lemon water is a good source of Macronutrients and Micronutrients. Now we will dig deeper to tell you the benefits of lemon water.

1. Boosts immunity:

boosts immunity: Benefits of lemon water
Boosts Immunity

Lemon Water has a high quantity of Vitamin C which helps to boost the immunity.

Linus Pauling (Nobel prize winner) in the 1970s gave a theory that Vitamin C could fight disease and infection. Pauling said that taking a high dose of vitamin C can prevent cold. But the modern medical science recommends taking 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women a day. Pauling consumes up to 18,000 of vitamin C a day.

So, back to the topic that drinking lemon water can benefit in boosting the immunity of the person. As the immunity of the person increases, the person will be sick much less than before.

Prefer drinking water when travelling to the infection-prone area due to its antioxidant properties. In winter lemon water is the best choice because our body is less active and the prevalence of the flu is more.

2. Fight against cancer:

Fights against cancer: Benefits of lemon water
Fights against cancer

Due to antioxidant properties and due to vitamin C in it, lemon water helps to heal wounds and prevent cold, but it also has the powerful properties like drinking lemon water can reduce the risk of cancer.

Lemon contains hesperidin and d-limonene which are cancer-fighting components and helps to reduce the risk of cancer in the person.

3. Prevents anemia:

Prevents Anemia: Benefits of lemon water
Prevents Anemia

Anemia is the most common deficiency disorder in the United States and all around the world. Anemia is most common in women during pre-menopause.

Lemon contains a very small amount of iron but this is not the fact, the fact is that lemon is a very good source of vitamin C and citric acid, which can increase the absorption of iron from other foods.

So, iron helps the absorption of iron from other foods helps to prevent anemia.

4. Helps in weight loss:

Helps in weight loss: Benefits of lemon water
Helps in weight loss

Many people experienced that drinking lemon water on an empty stomach helped in reducing their weight effectively.

Studies have shown that drinking water naturally can boost your immunity and drinking hot or cold lemon water early in the morning became a healthy habit for plenty of people assisting in weight loss.

A study that was published in Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition stated that Polyphenol reduces the weight gain by high-fat diet in mice. Insulin resistance is also improved.

If you do exercise daily, then the Vitamin C in the lemon water helps to burn your fat more. An article was published in 2005  in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, according to the author if you take adequate amount of Vitamin C in your diet your body will burn 30 percent more body fat.

Lemon has a high quantity of Vitamin C in it, so it helps to burn more fat.

5. Improves Digestion:

Improves Digestion: Benefits of lemon water
Improves Digestion

Many people drink warm lemon water as laxatives to treat constipation. If you have irregularity in bowel lemon use is very much effective if taken on an empty stomach.

If lemon water is taken on a regular basis may help to eliminate waste and toxins and also helps to control irregular bowel movements and diarrhoea.

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6. Helps in eliminating toxins:

Helps in eliminating toxins
Helps in eliminating toxins

due to daily activities, a large quantity of waste, as well as toxins, are produced that are filtered in the kidney and excreted out. Lemon water is beneficial is eliminating these toxic substances from the body by increasing urination.

It helps in detoxifying the body by eliminating the toxic substances from the body.

7. Good for dental health and fresh breath:

Good for mental health
Good for mental health

According to Ayurveda lemon is the essential food used in the treatment of oral, gums and dental disorders. If you are feeling tooth pain use fresh lemon on the affected can helps to relieve the pain. If you have bleeding gums applying fresh lemon on the affected gum to obtain relief.

Lemon water also helps to relieve bad odour of mouth.

8. Improves skin quality:

Improves Skin Quality
Improves Skin Quality

The Vitamin C in the lemon water helps to keep the skin fresh and wrinkle-free. Vitamin C in the lemon water helps to damage the free radicals which help to make your skin fresh. A study published in The American journal of clinical nutrition states that the person who consumes enough Vitamin C have less risk of wrinkled and dry skin.

UW Health recommends that drinking minimum 8 glasses of water daily helps to stay hydrated and get rid of skin toxins.

9. Helps to prevent kidney stone:

Prevents Kidney stone
Prevents Kidney stone

UW Health recommends that taking enough citric acid in your diet can help to decrease the risk of getting calcium stones. Drinking lemon water not only helps to get citric acid, but also the water which also beneficial in preventing kidney stones.

10. Promotes hydration:

Promotes Hydration
Promotes Hydration

The most simple thing is that by adding flavour to the water you can drink more water and drinking enough water helps to stay hydrated.

How to make lemon water:

In order to know or experience the benefits of lemon water, you need to drink it constantly. So, we will share the simple recipe of making lemon water.

Note: While making lemon water always use fresh natural lemons never use artificial flavouring lemon, because it has zero benefits.


  • Take 8 ounces (227 gms Approx) warm, boiling or cold water.
  • Squeeze half lemon into the water.
  • Mix thoroughly.

To make the drink healthier use mineral or filter water and use fresh and organic lemons.

To add flavour to lemon water you can add

So, this was all about the benefits of lemon water. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Feel free to share 🙂


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